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Trade shows, as the business platform for the trading parties, reflect the changes over the quarter of a century, since Together Expo facilitated the first trade deals through China Geology in 1993, its first show. During these years China has transformed from a recipient of investment into a global investor – and elevated from a technology importer into an exporter of Chinese innovations.

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In 2009, China surpassed Japan as the world’s second largest economy with a GDP of USD5.06 trillion, eight years after China entered into the WTO. The same year Euro Area was producing a consolidated European economy, that has expanded by 80% since established in 1999, with a GDP USD2 trillion behind the US. Fifteen years before that in 1995, Japan was edging close to the US economic scale with a hiked currency hitting its peak under 80 yen per dollar. A decade before that, Japan was not even one third the size of the US economy. The shift of the gravity of world economic powers urges us to constantly adjust in order to keep abreast of the changes.

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Since it’s incorporation in 1992, Together has organized shows for an array of industries including agriculture, automobile, coal and mining, communications, construction, engineering, environment, fire, foods, furniture, geology, wood, health care, jewelry, logistics & transportation, optics & semi-conductors, real estate, retail, sports,– wherever more sophisticated technology is needed to modernize China’s own industries. As China emerged as the World Factory, energy and resources became the focus of the country’s growth, Together consolidated its resources into the energy fields to organize Asia largest coal & mining show and China’s only national scale geology show, both in the capital Beijing. As the growth rate peaks in 2010, and China emerged as a global investor and cross-border adventurer, roadmapping its One Belt, One Road policies, Together captures the change, venturing into the ocean that connects all the continents of the world.

The same generation saw also the technological revolution that brings human contacts in one world, real time. As growth of the world’s two largest economic powers -- the US and Europe – was stifled in the global financial meltdown, facing their Chinese competitor, both in price and sophistication – the option to redistribute resources adopting new technology is taken, which has reshaped many industries of today, including trade shows. Together responded the changes by raising trade show’s productivity, injecting its knowledge into a renewed multilateral and multifunctional platform to better facilitate deal making.

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